Restn Whitepaper

Getting Started Guide

We believe financial freedom for the next generation can be stable, reliable, trusted and untethered from existing assets.
The first thing you’ll need to do is to download the RESTN app or open the WebApp version.
1: Download the RESTN app
2: Sign-up for RESTN
After downloading the Restn app, you will need to register for an account using your google mail account and a verification code to have access to the app.
3: Update your profile
After verifying your account, click on profile, input your wallet address and other information and save.
4: Deposit BNB into your in-app Wallet
Deposit BNB to in-app wallet to buy NFT Beds, Chairs or Sneakers in the Marketplace, depending on what you want to do a the moment.
5: Purchase an NFT
Click on NFT Marketplace and purchase the NFT of your choice using the BNB you deposited to in-app wallet.
Great! You are good to go. You can start your RESTN journey immediately.