Restn Whitepaper

Game Modes

Individual Mode
In Individual Mode, users needs to buy and equipped themselves with NFT (Beds, Chair or Sneakers) depending on what they want to do in order to earn tokens either by moving or resting.
Water is needed during resting and running to earn RST Token. Every 1000 ML Water equals eight (8) hours of conducive sleep and it only starts replenishing after users acquire an NFT. To start, users select a bed/chair/Sneaker of their choice, and press the intended activity. RST will be paid out for every 30 minute of resting or movement.
Secret Box
Secret Box is a mystery box that is randomly airdropped to users while in Individual Mode. It contains different Gems of different levels.
Secret Box has 4 different quality types of Beds, Chairs or Sneakers. Once a user receives a Secret Box, opening the box requires waiting and the countdown starts automatically. Once the countdown ends, the user will spend a little amount of RST to open it. Secret Box countdown duration increases proportionately to its quality.