Restn Whitepaper

Restn Overview

Financial Freedom through healthy living for everyone
RESTN is a Web3 - lifestyle platform with GameFi and SocialFi, factors to help people make passive incomes while living a healthy lifestyle.
Restn is developed essentially to cover all daily activities for most people, we are the only one that covers all daily activities like - walking, jogging, running, resting and many more.
Users are not just rewarded for performing healthy exercises like walking, jogging, running but also for resting and sleeping. With Restn, you don't need to only walk or run before earning, you also earn passive income while resting.
You can track your resting hours using our Restn APP and convert them to cash. With Restn protocol, all you have to do is buy BED or CHAIR, depending on what you want to do, and convert your rest to cash.
Restn is also auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol that pays sustainable 0.5% APY daily. Many high APY auto-staking platforms promises up to 2% to 4% APY daily, but we found out through experience that once it exceeds 0.5% APY daily, it won't be sustainable and will crash within 2 to 3 months when big investors starts dumping.
Restn also have unique and state of the art Anti-dump mechanism (ADM) that systematically protects your investment, with a daily sales limit of 1-2% of your total tokens held per day, which when exceeded, automatically increases tax up to 50% and 10% transfer tax.
Last modified 11mo ago